New ForceNet fields aim to strengthen relationships between Defence and civilian employers of ADF Reservists

Defence’s Reserve and Youth Division works closely with the Defence Reserves Support Council (DRSC) to engage Australian companies, primarily to gain their support for, and understanding of, the vital roles performed by Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reservists – many of whom are their employees.

There is a need to understand which companies are currently employing Reservists - to enhance the DRSC’s and Defence’s ability to educate civilian employers in the benefits of Reserve Service, and to determine where we need to focus our collective efforts in liaising with civilian employers of ADF Reservists. Therefore ‘civilian employer’ fields have been added to ForceNet, and Reservists are encouraged to populate them so that the information can be used to improve our understanding of Reservists’ civilian employers, and to better target our employer engagement efforts.

There are several advantages for Reservists in recording their civilian employer’s details in ForceNet. The information will enable the DRSC to focus its employer engagement efforts, and employers will become more aware of the two-way benefits of having ADF Reservists in their workforce. Positive engagement should also enable civilian employers to assist their Reservist employees in balancing their civilian and military work commitments.

The pathway in ForceNet for Reservists to insert their civilian employer details is: ForceNet Home Page – Careers and Training – Skills and Experience – Edit Details – Civilian Employer Details.


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Last update: Friday, 14 December 2018

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