Exercise Executive Stretch – RAAF Edinburgh – 17-19 October 2019

Defence Reserves Support South Australia conducted Exercise Executive Stretch at RAAF Base Edinburgh across three consecutive days in October. A group of 24 civilian participants from the South Australian Defence Industry Leadership Program immersed themselves in military training.

The participants are employed by civilian companies, some of which have been acknowledged for their support of the defence force and their support as reservist employers.

Physical and mental endurance were challenged throughout the exercise as the participants completed the pre-enlistment fitness assessment, military obstacle course, water safety and rescue course and a night-time section attack using Ninox night fighting equipment. In addition, participants fired rifles and pistols in the weapons simulator, rode in the Bushmaster protected mobility vehicle and wore combat body armour. Participants were challenged operating the ASLAV simulator, the battlefield simulation simulator and trying their hand as a pilot in the AP-3C Orion flight simulator.

Attendee Kelly Ward from Babcock made the most of the opportunity “I’ve really enjoyed challenging myself and being in a high-pressure environment, we don’t really do that too often at work and you can get a bit complacent”, she said.

Exercise Executive Stretch provides participants with a unique opportunity to enhance their personal leadership skills and offers a rare insight into the value of military training. After attending the exercise, participants develop an understanding of the advanced skill set that service personnel possess and its potential within the civilian workplace. It is important that employers appreciate the adaptability of capabilities including; team management, pressured decision making, advanced equipment handling and mental endurance which are second nature to service personnel.

As a mechanical engineer, Kelly highlighted the benefits of attending such a hands-on experience “I found it so valuable to see the final product of my work and it makes you realise how huge the defence industry is”, she said.

The event was an overwhelming success with all participants testing their physical and intellectual limits while gaining a better understanding of the benefits that defence personnel can bring to a business.  

Defence Reserves Support and the Defence Reserves Support Council promote the benefits of Reserve service to employers and the community and provide an effective link between Reservists, their employers, the ADF, government and the community.

Visit www.defencereservessupport.gov.au or call 1800 DEFENCE (333 362).

Kelly Ward on the Obstacle course

Matthew Neagle, Michael Buttignol, Oliver Roch, Ian Lomis, Adreanna Humphrey

Raquel Zundel, Adreanna Humphrey


Produced by: PTE Diana Jennings 9BDE


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