Exercise Boss Lift : Malaysia Jan 2018

Exercise Boss Lift To Malaysia Highlights Benefits Of Employing Reservists

A group of 18 employers from South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria have returned from Malaysia after experiencing life as a Reservist as part of Exercise Boss Lift.

Exercise Boss Lift is a Department of Defence program designed to show employers the training, skills and experience that Australian Defence Force Reserve service provides.

Over 100 Australian Army Reserve members, whose civilian occupations range from real estate agents and tradesmen to public servants, are in Malaysia for three months of intensive training and activities supporting Defence engagement in Southeast Asia.

Rear Admiral Bruce Kafer, Head Reserve and Youth Division, said the employers, who travelled to Malaysia on a Royal Australian Airforce C-130J, gained a valuable first-hand insight into the benefits their employees can provide civilian workplaces.

“Exercise Boss Lift gives these employers a genuine opportunity to see how Reservists’ training builds confidence, and develops problem-solving skills, leadership ability and other attributes highly valuable in the workplace,” Rear Admiral Kafer said.

The employers have been given a taste of life on a Defence deployment as well as hands on experience with service firearms and equipment.

Robert Warburton, a vehicle service manager, said he was proud to participate in this year’s activity.

“The most enjoyable aspect is being able to mingle with the Reservists regardless of where they are from, who they are, what rank they are and to be able to have down-to-earth conversations about the really good work they are doing to ensure the preparedness of the military forces here to ultimately defend Australia,” Mr Warburton said.

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Last update: Thursday, 12 April 2018

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