Defence Reserves Support - BJ Hydraulics fostering a supportive workplace

SUPPORTIVE BOSS: Jonathon Willett and David Johnson from BJ Hydraulics. Photo attributed to: Sam Flanagan

HAVING a workplace which supports you outside of your nine to five hours is the dream.

For Jonathon Willett, that dream is a reality thanks to his employers at BJ Hydraulics.

Mr Willett joined the Army Reserves nearly three years ago, and had the blessings of his bosses to be involved.

The brilliant staff-employer partnership has now been recognised, with BJ Hydraulics nominated in the upcoming Defence Reserves Employer Support Awards.

Owner David Johnson said it was humbling to be appreciated.

"We don't go looking for recognition like that, we're just quiet achievers,î Mr Johnson said.

"As far as the business is concerned, we just aim to provide a quality service and support staff who walk through the door with a problem. With Jonathon in the Army Reserves he's obviously putting back to the public. So from a business point of view it's a service to the community.

"I think exposure (to the Army Reserves) makes them know what it's like to get knocked over. They aren't wrapped in cotton wool so it builds character and self-esteem. It also builds responsibility and accountability."

Produced by: Sam Flanagan – Dalby Herald



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Last update: Friday, 14 December 2018

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