Civilian work life balance for Reservist

By Lieutenant Nicolas Hawkins

It’s a bold statement not heard frequently, but Corporal Kristopher Smith is adamant.

“I got my job because I was a reservist,” he says.

Currently serving with the 51st Battalion, Far North Queensland Regiment in support of JTG 629.3 operations in western Queensland, CPL Smith points to the civilian work benefits of Reserve service, and the influence it can have.

“I was an electrician but had no experience working on automation or very big trucks – so when I moved to Mt Isa and went looking for a new job my current employer saw I was a Reservist, and that was that,” he recalls.

“I’d like to think they also like my attitude too.”

As well as Army Reserve service CPL Smith volunteers for the State Emergency Service and Rural Fire Service.

“The experiences I get with the Army is fantastic, we have extensive instruction, great adventures and simulations which allows for deep experience allowing me to be more effective in both my civilian life and for my volunteer work with the State Emergency Service and Rural Fire Service”, he says.

“Many employers prefer Reservists and encourage joining; it is a skill and attitude boon for their business and, for me, I love the fact my employer helps me fit Reserve time into my work-life and it also works for my family and me.”

Army reservist Corporal Kristopher Smith supporting the Queensland Police Service in the remote area of Thorntonia as part of Operation COVID-19 Assist.


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Last update: Thursday, 1 April 2021

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