Get the Reservist Experience

The Employer Engagement Program provides an opportunity to see and experience first hand what Reservists do.

The primary Employer Engagement Activities are Employer Challenge Days (ECD), Exercise Executive Stretch (EES) and Exercise Boss Lift.

The duration of these activities range from half a day, up to 5 days involvement and will give you a better understanding of the benefits and skill your Reservist employee will bring back to your organisation.

Exercise Executive Stretch (EES)

EES is a challenging and enjoyable activity for employers and potential employers of Reservists and is normally held over a weekend. EES is an extremely popular activity and employers who participate have said it is ‘a unique experience not to be missed’

A typical program is informative and adventurous — all within a safe and controlled environment. It will combine a range of activities that might include some of the following:

  • Leadership, confidence and initiative tests
  • Team-building exercises
  • Navigation theory and practice
  • Bush-craft
  • Communications
  • Quick decision exercises
  • Abseiling and rappelling exercises (challenge by choice)
  • Visits to technical training facilities

EES is designed to be fun, stimulating and is geared to developing personal skill rather than physical exertion. Average fitness levels are sufficient. The activities are stimulating and enjoyable.

Exercise Boss Lift

Exercise Boss Lift enables employers of Reservists to learn first-hand about what the Australian Defence Force does on major exercises and operations. Often there is an opportunity for employers to see their employees working in their Reserve role.

In recent years, the Boss Lift activity has seen employers travel to overseas operations and various exercises both in Australia and overseas.

Registering is easy!

  1. Fill out the registration form.
  2. Email to 
  3. We'll contact you to talk more about and answer any questions you may have.

Call 1800 defence (1800 333 362) for more information.






Last update: Friday, 2 July 2021

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