Awards and Recognition

Employer Awards


What are they?

The Employer Support Awards acknowledge the contributions made by employers of Reservists.

The awards program doesn't provide any financial or commercial gain to the employers but does provide formal recognition of their support for Reservists.

How are employers nominated?

If you're a serving Reservist, you can nominate your employer for possible selection in your State / Territory.

What types of awards are available?

Recognition of Support Certificates

Recognition of Support Certificates will be presented to employers who are nominated by their Reservist employees as being supportive of their serving as a member of the Reserve.

State / Territory Employer Support Awards

State / Territory Employer Support Awards are presented to employers, who have provided continued and significant support to their Reservist employee(s).

Where will the awards be held

The awards will be held across the country in the following locations:

  • Queensland;
  • Tasmania;
  • Northern Territory and Kimberley;
  • New South Wales;
  • Central Queensland;
  • Australian Capital Territory and South East NSW;
  • South East Queensland;
  • Far North Queensland;
  • North Queensland;
  • North West Queensland;
  • Victoria;
  • Western Australia.


Nominate your employer

  1. Fill out the form,
  2. Email to and
  3. We'll contact you to discuss.


Reserve Awards


Prince of Wales Award

The Prince of Wales Award (POWA) allows you as a Reservist to apply for up to $8000 to develop their skills and knowledge in their current civilian job through training and development

The POWA Scheme rewards selected Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reservists for their dedication and commitment to Reserve Service as well as recognising the support their employer gives them as an ADF Reservist.

Applications for the POWA Scheme are called for annually in a DEFGRAM, usually released in October of each year.

Applications generally close in March and awards are announced in June/July of that year.

Reservists can access the latest DEFGRAM on the Defence Intranet.


Training & development types

The POWA covers many types of development and training, including:

  • Australian or overseas courses.
  • Attending Australian or overseas conferences.
  • Attachments to employment-related companies.

Who can apply?

You can apply if you meet all of the following:

  • are an Army, Navy or Air Force Reservist (SERCATs 3-5, depending on your service).
  • are ranked Corporal (E) to Major (E).
  • have a minimum of 3 consecutive years of service in the Reserves.

Need more information?

MILPERSMAN edition 2 Part 8 Chapter 3 (go to page 454)

Prince of Wales Award (PDF, 163kb)

Prince of Wales - Call for Nominations DEFGRAM (PDF, 486Kb)

How to apply

  1. Read the DEFGRAM.
  2. Work with your employer to develop your proposal.
  3. Submit your application IAW the latest DEFGRAM.

Find your local office

PH441 - Prince of Wales Nomination Form (PDF, 124kb)

If you need more information, call 1800 333 362.

Tasman Scheme

Would you like to train with New Zealand Defence Force for 2 weeks?

Commanding Officers may nominate individuals to participate of the Tasman Scheme. It lets you travel to New Zealand and work with a Defence unit similar to your own for 2 weeks.

Nominations are called for annually.

Note: You have to be a Reserve Junior NCO or Junior Officer to participate. This year the scheme has been opened to include Junior Officers from both the ADF and NZDF

Scheme advantages

The Scheme rewards excellence and commitment among Reserve Junior NCOs and Junior Officers.

It also means Australia and New Zealand Reservists can work together when needed, because they've learnt similar skills and have experienced similar training.

Who can be nominated?

You can be nominated to train in New Zealand if you:

  • are an Army, Navy or Air Force Reservist (SERCATs 3-5, depending on your service)
  • are ranked Lance Corporal (E) or Corporal (E), or LT (E)
  • have a minimum of 3 consecutive years of service in the Reserves.

Need more information?

1800 803 485

The Defence Reserves Association (DRA) supports the scheme.

Find your local office

Also refer to DEFGRAM 344/2018 available on DRN/DPN.

AE350 - Tasman Scheme Nomination Form (PDF, 90kb)



Last update: Tuesday, 21 January 2020

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