Defence Reserves Support Council Update

In February 2019, The National Executive of the Defence Reserve Support Council (DRSC) requested Defence support to undertake a review of the DRSC. 

The review was conducted by an independent, external consultant and included substantial stakeholder interview and consultation with the DRSC National Executive, State and Territory Chairs, and Defence representatives.

Since it was formed in 1977, the DRSC has not been reviewed.

The role and contribution of reservists has evolved since the Council was formed and it is time for Defence to play a more instrumental role with reservists, industry, and employers of reservists.

Defence's direct engagement with reservists, industry, and employers will allow Defence to build on and strengthen these relationships through a full time dedicated body rather than through a volunteer organisation.

The Defence Employer Partnering Network (DEPN) and the Employer Relationship Model will replace the DRSC.  Members of the Defence Employer Partnering Network will be selected from a range of employment sectors and geographical locations.  A selection process for membership of DEPN will commence in late 2019.

The Report into the DRSC was prepared in accordance with the terms of reference issued on 24 January 2019.  While detail contained in the Report was used to inform Defence's analysis into the Council, the content does not necessarily reflect the views of Defence.

Information which has been considered as commercial-in-confidence or personal in nature has been removed from the Report published on this website.

Any questions in relation to the Report can be directed to 

Please click on the links below to view the Reports and associated documents.

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Last update: Thursday, 12 December 2019

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