Defence Employer Partnering Network

The Defence Employer Partnering Network (DEPN) will support recruitment, retention and utilisation of reservists to meet capability needs by providing expertise and perspectives on industry and employment matters; and providing assistance to Defence in the development of related policies.

The DEPN will also provide strategic links to industry and employers to support Defence in building mutually beneficial relationships.

The DEPN will support Defence to:

  • Develop a meaningful value proposition for employers
  • Identify where and how to fill current and emerging capability needs
  • Identify current and emerging capability needs Defence may not have considered
  • Build connections with employers, industry sectors and other key stakeholder groups

The DEPN consists of a Chair and up to eight Advisory Body members. It also has one ex-officio member, the Head of Joint Support Services Division (HJSSD). The Chief of Defence Force has appointed the inaugural DEPN membership as follows:

  • Chair - Dr Margaret Jackson, ACM
  • Advisory Body Members:
    • Prof Jill Slay, AM
    • Dr Irene Ioannakis
    • Mr Kip Frame
    • Mr Ajoy Ghosh
    • Mr Aidan Allen
  • Ex-officio Member – RADM Brett Wolski, AM

The DEPN membership represents a body of pre-eminent individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in a range of Australian industry and employment sectors.

The DEPN will be accountable to the Chief of Defence Force though HJSSD.

Last update: Tuesday, 24 November 2020

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