Changes to Reserve Advice 1800Numbers

The Reserve and Youth Division (RYD) is dedicated to supporting Reservists nationally and abroad.
There are a suite of services offered to Reservists that assist them to seek advice on a variety of issues pertaining to their service. This currently includes three 1800 numbers:-

  • Defence Reserve Support, for queries relating to Defence Reserves Support, including enquiries about Employer Engagement Activities, Employer Support Awards and the Supportive Employer Program 1800 803 485
  • Office of Reserve Service Protection, for queries relating to the Office of Reserve Service Protection and the Defence Reserve Service Protection Act 2001 1800 671 998
  • Employer Support Payment Scheme, for queries relating to the Employer Support Payment Scheme 1800 001 696

From the 15th of April 2019 these numbers will be merged and manned by 1800DEFENCE. This initiative will provide our Reservists with greater access to Reserve information and advice to include after hours and weekend access.

To ensure continuity in service the merge will undergo a transitional period where the current three 1800 numbers will be forwarded to the 1800DEFENCE number.

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