Supportive Employers : August 2017

Supporting our Reservists.

By Don Totino, Founding Manager Director, Festival City Wines & Spirits
By Don Totino, Founding Manager Director, Festival City Wines & Spirits

Reservists have an incredible impact on our country and community, providing humanitarian relief to international communities that need it most, as well as helping to secure Australia’s borders. In times of difficulty, such as natural disasters, they assist in the rebuilding of communities, as well as emergency rescue operations. There is no doubt in my mind that Reservists are an asset to our community, and this is why I choose to support them.

Being a Defence Reserves Support Council (DRSC) Ambassador allows me to show my support for our Reservists in the best way I can. I truly believe that our Reservists are an asset to our country, and so being an ambassador means I can recognise and demonstrate how vital I believe they are.

People ask what skills a Reservist provides to their employer. Reservists are highly motivated, skilled individuals who are trained in a number of different professions. Their experience in the Navy, Army or Air Force makes them incredible team players, able to show leadership and communicate within an organisation. They are reliable and loyal, and many have nationally recognised qualifications which can often be used by an employer.

By becoming a supportive employer and hiring a Reservist if you choose to, you have the opportunity to gain an outstanding employee for your business who is able to bring their skills to your workplace. Sometimes, financial support is available also if a Reservist employee is called for service, which makes the process more secure for your business in case of this scenario.

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