Reservist Profile: Dec/Jan 2018

Reservist shows his commitment to adopted country 

“Don’t take things for granted as life is short” - that’s the personal motto 35 year old Army Reservist Private Mohammed Alam lives by every day.

Colin Radford DRSC VIC Chair, Acting Superintendent Darren Cooper, Transit Safety Division VIC Police and PTE Mo Alam at the DRSC VIC Employer Support Awards 2017.
Colin Radford DRSC VIC Chair, Acting Superintendent Darren Cooper, Transit Safety Division VIC Police and PTE Mo Alam at the DRSC VIC Employer Support Awards 2017.

PTE Alam’s commitment to living by his personal motto has had a profound and positive effect on the people and communities he has lived in.

Recently, his selfless actions and commitment to community service were formally recognised when he was nominated as a 2018 VIC Australia's Local Hero. The Local Hero program is part of the Australian of the Year Awards.

Since arriving in Australia from Bangladesh in 2004, PTE Alam has made a bigger contribution to Australia than many people do in their lifetime.

He has volunteered with the Red Cross, St John Ambulance, the State Emergency Service (SES) and Australian Army Reserves, serving some of the most vulnerable members of the community.

His Local Hero nomination confirms that PTE Alam is no stranger to flood and fire emergencies, and has travelled the breadth of the country through his relief and recovery work. He has performed resuscitations, searched for missing children, helped to resettle asylum seekers and mopped up after cyclones.

“I came to Australia in 2004 as an international student with a vision to write my own story and to start a new journey that will secure my future and give me stability in life,” he said.

“During this period I have faced many challenges starting with language and culture barriers. Despite all these challenges, I was very fortunate that the people of Australia accepted me for who I am.”

PTE Alam said his profound love for his adopted country prompted him to sign up as a Reservist. He joined the Army Reserve in 2008 and posted to 5/6 Royal Victoria Regiment as a Rifleman. In 2015 he transferred to Royal Australian Corps of Military Police.

“I have always wanted to join the Army from my childhood, as I grew up in a military family,” PTE Alam said.

“After becoming an Australian, I felt it is my moral obligation to serve the nation that I call home. I not only wanted to feel proud but also wanted to feel the privilege of wearing the uniform and represent Australia.

“The Army’s mateship, acceptance, love and respect helped me gain confidence and build my own character and personality. It also helped me to grow and see the world with open mind.”

PTE Alam’s civilian role is a Protective Services Officer with Victoria Police. Victoria Police were recently awarded a Certificate of Recognition as part of the Defence Reserves Support Supportive Employer Program.

“Victoria Police is a very supportive organisation that provides flexibility to their employees who are Reservists,” PTE Alam said.

“They have implemented various policy and procedures that enables members of the Reserves to take generous military leave in order to attend various training and deployments.

“Therefore, I felt that VICPOL must be commended and recognised for their ongoing commitment to the ADF Reservists.”

Just like PTE Alam, every day thousands of Australians strike the balance between their civilian employment and serving their country through the Defence Force Reserves.

If your employer goes ‘above and beyond’ to support your Reserve service, why not nominate them as a Supportive Employer.

PTE Mo Alam

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Last update: Tuesday, 27 February 2018

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