Prince of Wales Award : Munro August 2017

Prince of Wales Award Experience Pays Dividends for Civilian Employment

Royal Australian Armoured Corps’ Major Duncan Munro has described his recent international training experience with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a “once in a lifetime opportunity”.

The ADF Reservist was recently awarded a prestigious Defence Reserves Support Council Prince of Wales Award (POWA).

The POWA Scheme provides a development opportunity for ADF Reservists to enhance their individual experience and knowledge in their chosen civilian occupation or profession.

The intensive 14 day Close Protection Training Program saw MAJ Munro take part in the following skills development activities:

  • advanced motorcade driving
  • firearms handling and close protection tactics
  • protective intelligence and operational planning
  • trauma management in a tactical context
  • counter ambush tactics
  • dismounted protection movements and other aspects of dignitary protection.

“US Law Enforcement have a different approach to security than Australian agencies,” MAJ Munro said.

“The depth and breadth of experience and capability I was exposed to throughout the training was a real eye-opener. I have learnt so many lessons about security awareness, planning and close protection tactics which I can share with my colleagues and impact our training.”

While in the US MAJ Munro took the opportunity to extend his international experience by also completing a secondment with the US National Guard.

“In addition to the 14 day close protection training, I spent two weeks touring the Georgia Military Academy and supporting the 2nd Battalion, 121st Infantry Regiment who was supporting the 48th Infantry Brigade participating in a field training exercise at Fort Stewart Military Base, Georgia,” he said.

“Working in the Battalion Tactical Operations Centre (TOC), as well as accompanying the Operations Officer and Commanding Officer on battlefield circulations, I was able to see all aspects of the training activities from planning to execution.”

MAJ Munro said the skills developed during his 28 day US training program would enhance his capability in his civilian role with the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

“I am a Federal Agent with the AFP, currently posted to the Close Protection portfolio in Canberra where I plan and assess the close protection security overlay for visiting dignitaries to Australia and assist with resourcing protection details to Australian High Office Holders,” MAJ Munro said.

He encouraged eligible Reservists from across the three Services to apply to the POWA Scheme.

“The POWA is an incredible opportunity to gain support for a professional development activity which will benefit you and your civilian employer,” MAJ Munro said.
“It is a great way to move forward with an innovation or project you have been trying to effect change within your career.
“The dialogue it enables with your civilian employer presents a chance to show the mutual benefits of your commitment to your defence career.
“For me, it provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to train and learn from another law enforcement agency with broader experience and significant resources.”

For more information on the POWA Scheme

Federal Agent Munro receives his award from the Head of the Counter-Terrorism Division
Federal Agent Munro receives his award from the Head of the Counter-Terrorism Division

Major Munro is presented with a Battalion Challenge Coin by Battalion TOC Principal Staff Officers
Major Munro is presented with a Battalion Challenge Coin by Battalion TOC Principal Staff Officers

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Last update: Thursday, 14 September 2017

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