Kapooka VIP Challenge : May 2018

VIPs put to the test at Kapooka

Fifteen senior executives from across NSW experienced life as an Army Reservist when they took part in the 2018 Kapooka Challenge VIP event recently held at the Army Recruit Training Centre, Kapooka.

The aim of the two day annual Challenge is to provide employers the opportunity to observe and experience the types of personal, technical and professional skills training Reservists receive as a member of the Navy, Army or Air Force Reserve.

Activities included leadership and survival skills training as well as team building exercises and physical challenges.

Bell Leisure CEO Samantha Bell said she gained a new appreciation of the important role Reservists played in the broader ADF.

“I went in with the notion that Reservists just did the Army as a hobby, so to speak,” Ms Bell said.

“However I walked away with a better understanding of what Reservists do and that they play as an important role as regular soldiers as part of our Defence Force. They are needed, important and amazing people to be able to commit to the Army as well as their full-time work.”
Head Reserve and Youth Division, Rear Admiral Bruce Kafer, said there was no doubt Australian business and industry stood to gain from employing and supporting Defence Reserves.
“Reserves acquire a wide range of skills, qualities and experience through their Defence training. These are qualities they take back to the workplace,” RADM Kafer said.
“Anyone who employs a Defence Reservist has a valuable member on their team. They have an employee whose training and service ethic drives performance and effectiveness in the workplace,” he said.

Sam Bell from Bell Leisure taking on the abseiling tower.
Sam Bell from Bell Leisure taking on the abseiling tower.

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Last update: Monday, 30 July 2018

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