Exercise Chong Ju : May 2018

Exercise Chong Ju impresses Victorian employers

The Defence Reserves Support Council Victoria recently hosted 17 employers as spectators at a capability demonstration, Exercise Chong Ju in the Puckapunyal Training Area.

Ex Chong Ju May 2018 Group photo in front of the Tiger Assult Helo

Held on 16 May EX Chong Ju is an annual Australian Defence Force combined arms live fire activity.  It is designed to predominantly showcase the capabilities of elements from armour, artillery, engineers, and infantry and also their enabling combat service and combat service support corps.  Close Air Support is showcased by the Royal Australian Air Force as well so that the attendees are provided a realistic appreciation of the firepower available to the modern combatant.

The employers witnessed a world class demonstration of combined arms firepower and capability; the use of modern battlefield operating systems and saw first-hand some of the challenges demanded of today’s soldier. This included the synchronisation of battlefield effects, exploiting modern technology and ensuring the battlefield enabling support such as communications and logistics are delivered at the right place and at the right time.

EX Chong Ju spectator and Governance Institute of Australia National Sales Manager Leon Cox said he gained a deeper insight into the extensive training and professionalism of the modern day soldier.

“What I didn’t fully appreciate was the fact that the Reservists could fill such a variety of positions out there on the battlefield and in effect they need to be on standby and ready to move at relative short notice,” Mr Cox said.

“What also stood out to me was the variety of operating systems and weapons which all have to be synchronised at any one point in time. During Chong Ju this is orchestrated within a live and complex environment and it’s clear that regular and detailed training is required and paramount to mission success.

“It gave me a new found respect for how these soldiers have to operate.”

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Last update: Monday, 30 July 2018

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