Ex Executive Stretch VIC : Jun 2017

CPA Australia Executive Pushed to the Limit During Military Exercise

First-hand experience of life as a Defence Force Reservist has provided CPA Australia Chief Operating Officer Jeff Hughes with a newfound respect for part time military personnel.

Mr Hughes recently joined a group of 20 civilian employers to take part in Defence Reserves Support’s Exercise Executive Stretch held at Puckapunyal Military Training Area.

The aim of the Exercise was to provide civilian employers with a two-day Defence Force Reservist experience.

During the exercise, participants took part in a range of activities including physical fitness training, team building initiatives, marching, weapons handling and bushcraft.

Mr Hughes said the highlight of the weekend was the team-building exercises.

“The best part of the weekend was the group work as it brought everyone together in close proximity and required a certain level of trust and strategy between team members,” he said.

“Not surprising to me I saw my team’s values come out strongly whether that be assisting others, participating fully, asking great questions and being interested in what was going on.”

Mr Hughes paid tribute to Defence Force Reservists and confirmed the raft of skills developed during military training would translate to a civilian workplace.

“I learnt that being a Defence Reservist takes significant training, commitment and resilience,” he said.

“I therefore have a more conscious respect for those who are in military service.

“The skills learnt in the ADF would have application in the civilian workplace - whether it be an office environment to the shop floor. Teamwork, respect for others, resilience, leadership are very high on the list for Reservists.”

Mr Hughes encouraged civilian employers to “get the Reservist experience” and nominate to take part in a future Exercise Executive Stretch.

“The Exercise was a wonderful individual and group experience where your senses are tested. I would recommend the experience to anyone.”

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CPA Australia’s Jeff Hughes (second from left) give the Exercise Executive Stretch the ‘thumbs up’.
CPA Australia’s Jeff Hughes (second from left) give the Exercise Executive Stretch the ‘thumbs up’.

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Last update: Wednesday, 13 September 2017

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