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Stepping Out of Her Comfort Zone

Salvation Army Major Deborah Robinson
Salvation Army Major Deborah Robinson

The opportunity to put her trust in the hands of complete strangers and step outside her “comfort zone” were just some of the highlights of participating in the recent Exercise Executive Stretch (EES) for Salvation Army Major Deborah Robinson.

Held on 24-25 August at Holsworthy Barracks the Exercise challenged 15 Sydney-based senior executives to trade their corporate attire for a uniform and get a taste of military life.

During the EES participants took part in a range of activities that included:

  • Leadership, confidence and initiative tests
  • Team-building exercises
  • Navigation theory and practice
  • Bush-craft
  • Communications
  • Quick decision exercises
  • Visits to technical training facilities

MAJ Robinson is Assistant Principal at The Salvation Army's School for Officer Training in Sydney NSW. She said Salvation Army employee and ADF Reservist Cameron Lovering encouraged her to nominate for the recent EES.

“Cameron is a cadet studying with us to become a Salvation Army Officer. He and his wife are about to be ordained and take up their first post of looking after a Salvation Army Church,” she said.

“He is also a vehicle mechanic with the 8th Combat Service Support Battalion 111 Workshop Company.  He is highly vigilant, disciplined and respectful of those in authority.

“I thought taking part in the Exercise would provide me with an insight to the training Cameron undertakes as part of his Reserve service.”

MAJ Robinson admits she was apprehensive prior to taking part in the Exercise.

“I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into to be honest,” she said.

“I found a lot of the activities quite challenging.  The obstacle course in the pool really pushed me to my limits as it highlighted my poor level of fitness.”

While MAJ Robinson found some of the activities a challenge, she said the highlight of her experience was the team building activities.

“Playing the game in the pool where we had to dive and swim under our team members’ legs was excellent,” she said.

“I loved it because it was at that moment I discovered the guys had my back and were there to help me.

“I was anxious about the game but their encouragement and physical support — literally helping me swim under and through — was tremendously encouraging and showed me a glimpse of the comradery within the ADF.”

“It highlighted for me the need for team work and physical and mental strength in the ADF.”

EES is a challenging and enjoyable activity for employers and potential employers of Reservists and is normally held over a weekend. Anyone interested in taking part in a future Exercise can nominate via the Employer Engagement Activities page.

“I highly recommend the course to anyone considering it,” MAJ Robinson said.

Salvation Army Major Deborah Robinson
Salvation Army Major Deborah Robinson

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Last update: Monday, 4 December 2017

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